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Originally christened Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, Katy whose name is often spelled 'Katie' grew up as a “preacher's kid” in California cutting her teeth on gospel music. After earning a GED as a high school freshman, Katy set out to pursue her music dreams cutting a Christian Music Album for Red Hill Records in 2001.The lead single for Katy's album 'Trust in Me' was recorded when she was only 17 years old. The year 2007 was very important for her since she signed a contract with Capital Music Group and officially declared herself to be known as 'Katy Perry.' Her first internet single “Ur So Gay” was followed by a studio album 'One of the Boys' which in 2008 not only ranked 33rd best international album but went platinum as well. Katy went on to become the first artist in history to maintain a top spot on Billboard Top 100 for 52 consecutive weeks. Katy has recently joined the tour circuit taking her California Dreams extravaganza to such places as Europe, Asia, Australasia and the Americas. Katy's headline concert in Brazil will be her first performance in South America. Katy mingled with fans by hitting the music festival circuit at the California Coachella Music Festival photographed sporting D&G outfits and designer sunglasses.

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