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Jazz musician Diana Krall was not only recently named Billboard's 2nd Jazz musician of the past decade, but she is the only jazz musician to have all 8 of her albums debut at number one on the Billboard Jazz Charts. Her jazz vocals have infused the world of music with a modern jazz flair that is rarely seen from today's musicians. Diane Krall released her first album in 1993 titled Stepping Out, and since that time her career has soared and made her one of the best selling jazz performers of all time. Through her extensive catalog of albums and songs, Diana Krall has won many awards and nominations, including 3 Grammy Awards and 8 Juno Awards, and she often appears on tour to sing her many beloved songs live and in concert. Currently, Diana Krall is married to fellow famous musician Elvis Costello, whom she often creates music with. This is the music video for the song "The Look Of Love" by Diana Krall. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yr8xDSPjII8
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