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Adele: A Success at 19 The latest music sensation that has come out of the United Kingdom is Adele. The singer released her first album in 2008 to critical success. However, it wasn't until her 2nd album 21 that she was able to break out across the world. Her career has already garnered her two grammies including the award for best new artist. Her albums are uniquely named for the age at which she recorded them. Her music is highlighted by elegance and characterization. Attending an Adele concert yields in an intimate setting with thousands of fans all interested in the stories that the music offers. No other contemporary artist has captured the hearts of people so quickly. Adele's success can be attributed to her young age and her earnest nature. She gives it her all the entire tour and wants to talk to her fans. She is known for waiting around after a show for hours talking to those willing to wait to speak with her. Many people quickly convert to her music once hearing her at a festival or a similar event. Her unique style has yet to be copied, but other songwriters are taking notice. Megahits like Beyonce have already claimed that Adele is one of her main influences in her music going forward. Adele's quick rise to prominence has led some to speculate that the public is finally ready for new quality music. The public is leaving auto-tune behind and putting their money behind artists that are unique and pushing music forward.

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